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Nightmare Scrapbook For March, 2002


The Fourteenth Month Of Command

A Four-Way Split!

Macca leads a large strike, 4 March 2002

In March, the Nightmares organized for quadruple-site operations. It is very difficult to do, but Nightmare aircraft and personnel were simultaneously located at home plate, WTI, USS Boat and CAX-5 at 29 Palms, CA. Screech led a detachment in support of the 11th Marine Expeditionary Unit while Critter and Jolly took two jets and Nightmare Maintenance personnel to the Weapons & Tactics Instructor Course. On 5 March, the entire squadron conducted an "operational pause" to review the challenges ahead and to orchestrate supervision and procedures to ensure operational success and safety. It is no accident (pardon the pun) that the Nightmares enjoy the best safety record in the Harrier Community--they guard it jealously!

Nightmare Philosophy

Get out there and log some flight time Nightmares!

Go out and get the Skipper some flight time boys!

Ah, the designated smoking area outside the CO's office window
The designated suicide area

Hey! Get back to work!
DoD prohibits smoking indoors

For about a month, the Nightmares worked to music as the USMC band and Silent Drill Team executed their annual escape from Washington DC's winter
The Marine Corps Band 
and Silent Drill Team come to Yuma each Spring to practice for the performing season

The following images are from the 4 March Nightmare deep air strike executed with USAF B-1 bombers and our neighbors, the VMA-214 "Blacksheep"

En route to the tanker for fuel 
before heading into bad guy territory

In A/C 16, Macca sports a Litening pod and a 1000 lb. laser-guided bomb

Enough about Macca, let's photograph me!

Macca takes on fuel

This is hard work in turbulence

MAWTS-1 instructor McFly takes his turn

A desolate stretch of the desert southwest

Setting up for the delivery

Home again!
Back home with a vertical landing at "Delta Taxiway"

Close up
Thanks for the landing photography Zak!

Safe on deck

The mission isn't over until you finish the paperwork....

Taking Care of Business

Executing a 'phase inspection' in the hangar bay

Turning wrenches

Fixing a main strut

Smile? I'm workin' here!
Smile? I'm workin' here!

Jolly gets maintenance action feedback from Gunny G

Pilots learn much about maintenance from our maintenance controllers

Maintenance Controllers orchestrate squadron readiness

It takes a lot of skill to coordinate all maintenance actions properly

Logs and records in maintenance control

Logs and records in Maintenance Control

Promoting a new Corporal

A new Corporal with his family

It's hard to keep a straight face when the baby wants Dad now!

It's hard to keep a straight face when the baby shouts: "Da-da!"

This Corporal was promoted meritoriously!

This MERITORIOUSLY promoted Corporal is a total pro

Three Corporals and a Lance Corporal

New Corporals!

Congratulations to a great new Sergeant!
And a magnificent new Sergeant!

Washing aircraft happens day and night
Night crew prepares aircraft for the morning launch

No fun, but it has to be done!
A clean jet is a faster jet

The Captains reward Zak for his tactical prowess
8 March Kangaroo Court Antics

Stern does poetry?
Stern frightens his fellow Nightmares with poetry:

First on the schedule and up with the sun,
Cliffy and Stern brief a "two versus one"
"Were gonna search, then sample and shoot
Join up and shut up, youll be OK boot!"
So I searched high, and Cliffy searched low,
Then we saw the F-5 coming in at full blow
At the merge it was clear I was free of the two,
The bandit turned low, Cliffy pulled for the blue
I heard "Knock it off!" though the fight had just started,
A jet tumbled and coupled--yikes, Cliffy departed!
As I flew to my block I was filled with dismay,
The bandit called Cliffy: "Dude, you OK?!"
As Cliffy recovered, in control of his steed,
He said not to worry, "It departed slow speed"
The ensuing debrief spared my lead humble soup,
Had the tables been turned, Id be working at Group!

(Have fun at Group Stern!)

Welcome Aboard Stern!
"I'd like you to make welcome our new staff officer...Stern!"

A motley crew
The people your mother wouldn't let you play with

Nice shirt Chunks!
Chunks spares no expense on his wardrobe

No, not the grog!
The CO has no power at a Kangaroo Court

Drink the grog XO!
Drink the grog XO!

Ah, the choir!
Captains' Choir

10 March sees our Detachment leave for the boat

Weigh Anchor, the Nightmares are aboard!
In San Diego, immediately prior to weighing anchor

Yellow Shirts signal taxi directions
This image was sent by our Det Maintenance Controller Gunny "P"

Launching off the front end
Rolling off the front is a full power event....

Det Ordnance Chief, Gunny 'D' snapped these two images aboard ship:

Launching off the front end
Time to park--thanks for the photography Gunny 'D'!

Laand Ho!
Land Ho!

It's a little bit surprising to have a Lieutenant General pop up when you're working
Lieutenant General Hagee, CG, I MEF climbs up to observe aircraft maintenance

Lieutenant General Hailston
On 12 March, LtGen Hailston, Commanding General of Marine Forces Pacific, drops by to visit the Nightmares

Sgt Major Coffee of the First Marine Expeditionary Force
Sgt Major Coffee of the First Marine Expeditionary Force

Inspecting the mural
Cow commissioned a mural for the west stairwell as a farewell gift to the squadron; the Sergeants Major inspect it as it nears completion

The original mural proposal
The art work is by the same lady who painted the VMA-211 stairwells when the Cow was the Avenger's XO

The Operations Duty Officer Desk
When Nightmare pilots aren't flying, they can often be found at the Operations Duty Officer Desk talking about flying

Ah, the weekly AOM
In the minutes before the weekly (Monday) All Officers Meeting....

We need a new pilot!
Military justice is swift, but invariably just

Reload XO
Darth Bovine...

Silence is golden
A quiet squadron is a happy squadron!

Armed guards at the front gate
SSGT "B" snapped these shots of a bee swarm guarding the turnstile in front of our hangar

Bee careful!

We made over $1,000.00!
In the second weekend of March, "Evil Ted" (now called "Stroker" following the last Kangaroo Court) flew an aircraft to NAF El Centro for the annual airshow and season debut of the Blue Angels. Several squadron pilots joined him (in his capacity as "Coffee Mess Officer") to sell digital images of children in a Harrier ejection seat. It's frightening to reveal that "Stroker" (a former Naval Academy Cheerleader) is the second Nightmare cheerleader/pilot behind "Pom-pom." At least we can brag that the Nightmares get all the cheerleaders....

The youngest Nightmare

The following patch images came to us from a former Nightmare XO, Colonel Benjamin L. "Gentle" Williams, USMC retired. Thanks for visiting Gentle!

Old Nightmare Patch
Old Nightmare Patches
Old Nightmare Patches
Welcome to "Yap" and "Hero," the Nightmares' newest pilots!

Nightmare pilots used to wear this?  Yup!

The Sergeant Major and I would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to three of our Gunnery Sergeants selected to Master Sergeant! Well-deserved Gunny Van, Gunny "P" and Gunny "B"! CO and Sergeant Major
The greatest Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps--ours!

Welcome to CAX-5!!!

We will barely have time to get necessary simulator sorties out of the way for "Yap" and "Hero" before they have their first flights in the squadron....

Cow's New Home

Expeditionary Flight Line

Strategic Expeditionary Airfield

All is well!

Nightmares in hell