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Nightmare Scrapbook For August, 2001


The Seventh Month of Command . . .

Looking down at MCAS Yuma's runway 21
Yuma even looks hot from six thousand feet....

Newlywed 'Torch' (right) smiles as if to convince us that marriage is a good deal...

Air Combat Maneuvering...

With August came the air-to-air phase of the Nightmare Campaign Plan. In an effort to orchestrate the most rapid possible training while simultameously absorbing new radar aircraft, the Nightmares brought in well-known Air Combat Tactics Instructors like "Butter" and "Ripper." "Ripper" came all the way from Norfolk, VA. Congratulations to 'Steroid' and 'Cliffy' our newest Air Combat Tactic Instructors (actually, 'Cliffy' was recertified--in the same week). Below, Boeing test pilot Jackie Jackson, delivers the squadron's newest Radar Harrier from the remanufacturing assembly line in St. Louis.

The latest Radar Harrier delivery was piloted by Boeing Test Pilot Colonel Jackie Jackson

Dino and Cow found themselves again committed to two weeks of service at the Wing's Tactical Air Command Center at Camp Elliot, CA (just east of Miramar). Dino served as Chief of the Deep Battle Watch, while Cow served as Senior Watch Officer. No good deed goes unpunished!

How the Cow spent his summer vacation; at Camp Elliot, just east of MCAS Miramar California.  Serving as a Senior Watch Officer in the Wing's Tactical Air Command Center....

This time, Chunks joined the fun as Dino and Cow augmented the higher headquarter's staff at Miramar (Third Marine Aircraft Wing HQ). Being especially hard, Chunks continued on to Camp Pendleton for his dose of "Ulchi Focus Lens." Below, the CO of the 'Blacksheep' ("Santa") demonstrates his pick-up technique at the austere soda mess.

The Cow was pleased to have Santa's world class sense of humor in the TACC

The Nightmares spent much of August accepting six new radar variant Harriers from Boeing to augment the first two that were transferred from the VMA-311 "Tomcats" in July. This will afford ample opportunity to properly welcome "Jones," (the pilot formerly known as 'Yo') the newest Nightmare pilot and a superb addition to the team. Speaking of new pilots, the Nightmares welcomed "Zak" back to the fleet at the end of August. Zak and Cow were squadronmates in VMA-211 when Zak first became a Harrier pilot.

On the left is the newest 'Nightmare' pilot; we call him 'Jones' because the XO mis-introduced him to the squadron.  He's already hanging out with the wrong crowd....

On the road with 'Stern' on the wing

In Restricted Area 2306-08

Our three-plane: Boss, Screech and Cess at altitude

Stern crosses over the Salton Sea just north of Brawley, California

Stern Crosses the west shore of the Salton Sea while a dust storm rages

A visit to the squadron by Boeing Vice President Dave Bowman (right) and Boeing Representative John Valovich (former CO of Marine Attack Squadron 242)

Conclusive proof that it feels good to be promoted!

It was a sad day when Staff Sergeant Glenn Schaffer retired; he made our engines turn

Cow much prefers promotions to retirements!

Dano was featured prominently in last month's aerial photos; here he is doing was he does what he does better than anybody: Squadron Logistics Officer

Beneath the GCA box is Cow's western pasture, one half mile from the runway on the 8th fairway of the Yuma Country Club

The Nightmares were surprised in late August to learn that two of their pilots were to be transferred out. Dino will be assuming new duties as Executive Officer of Marine Wing Support Squadron 371, and Vino will become Operations Officer of Cow's old squadron, the VMA-211 Wake Island Avengers. It is always difficult to lose officers serving in key billets, but these two Nightmares will bloom wherever they are planted. Vino and Dino were important parts of the Nightmare team persona and we sorely hate to see them go.

The Nightmares have the best looking aircraft in the Harrier Community for a reason

Highway 101 on the west side of Camp Pendleton is where the Nightmares will be landing in September

The Nightmares' home at night

An office with a view

Cow's 22 August promotion photo

The few, the proud...