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Nightmare Scrapbook For 2007


The Year of the Screech

The Nightmares of 2007 (click to enlarge)

Nightmare Formation
6 April 2007

Nightmare Officers
Images recorded days prior to the 13th MEU deployment

The Strategic Expeditionary Landing Field
Launch the Nightmares!

Landing gear in-transit during takeoff
Landing gear coming up

Dash Two rushes to catch up
Dash Two rushes to catch up as individual STO's are executed to avoid FOD

Short Takeoff
Winds change, so we switch to runway 10 for DanO's launch

Have a good flight DanO!

Here are the superb Marines who make our takeoffs possible. They relax between launches in order to stay sharp for the frenetic activity that punctuates the day....


Cards boys?

Shining boots at CAX?
Keeping boots shined in this dust is nearly impossible

Ground Safety Officer and Maintenance Control Chief

Our Navy Corpsman is always upbeat
Our Navy Corpsman

Expeditionary Maintenance Control

Our newest Plane Captain, 'Pan'
Our newest Plane Captain, "Pan"

Changing the air filter
Ground support equipment filters must be changed frequently

Hitching a ride
Waiting for transportation at the end of the shift

CAX isn't ALL work!

Lips Durkin
The Cow was pleased to see that the Nightmares would be sharing their hangar with an F-18 squadron commanded by LtCol "Lips" Durkin. Lips and Cow were in the same platoon at Officer Candidate's School (Camp Upshur) as teenage college sophomores. If he saw us today, our old platoon sergeant would surely shake his head and wonder what had become of his beloved Corps . . . .

Yes Staff Sergeant Garcia, we slipped through your net.

Lips Durkin

LSS Vehicle
This is the Landing Site Supervisor (LSS) vehicle that we use to monitor "Forward Base Operations"

DanO recovers with a vertical landing
2,040 feet MSL (and hot) affects hover performance!

Back in the chocks!
Harriers and Hornets on the flight line

It's actually quite beautiful here--if you have time to admire the scenery

Harriers and Hornets

The all-officers meeting

The pilots gather daily to review lessons-learned

The Group OPSO augmented us for the first week
The MAG-13 OPSO (right) augmented us during the first six days

Hey, you screwed up notably!

Cliffy takes notes for the mass debrief that he and the CO must attend after "FINEX"

Yap performs a vertical takeoff

Our newest pilots, "Yap" and "Hero" have the distinction of having flown their first flights in the Fleet Marine Forces at an expeditionary airfield. Unfortunately, this was tempered by the downside of having to fly them with the CO....

Yap taxis past Crash, Fire, Rescue (CFR)

"Yap" taxis past Crash, Fire, Rescue (CFR)

The Expeditionary Control Tower and ATC

The Expeditionary Control Tower and ATC

Cow always makes friends with CFR!

Crash, Fire, Rescue: 99% boredom, 1% sheer terror

Yap in the hover

"Yap" in the hover

Holding overhead

"Hero" flies the instrument pattern (TACAN approach)

Coming down
Yap comes down

Another Happy Hour in the Nightmare Room....

Screech ruminates

...and dreams

No respect for Young Guns....

Cool...Joe Cool

Skipper, put away the camera please....

Welcome aboard Yap!
Our newest pilot "Yap," is welcomed by Wizard (right)

Thanks Skipper
Zak's wears this guilty expression most of the time....

I'll take a beer when he puts the camera up
Smarter than the average Yank....

Sweating at CAX
The average Yank sweats out another CAX

At CAX, Nightmares spent lots of time aerial refueling between target attacks in support of Second Battalion, Fourth Marines

Refueling off of an Air Force KC-10
Refueling courtesy of an Air Force KC-10

A four-plane over Blythe, California
Over Blythe, California after leaving the KC-10 above

Yap airborne

Zak with a wingload of young guns

Zak with Stroker

Aerial refueling with a KC-130

View through the HUD

Fly 'til you're sleepy, sleep 'til you're hungry...

Returning to the expeditionary airfield

Returning "home" to the airfield for a promotion formation in the hangar

A meritoriously promoted Lance Corporal!
A Meritoriously promoted Lance Corporal!

A proud CO with a deserving Lance Corporal
Telling a great Marine how proud we are to serve with him

Top Bottum!
Top Bottum!!!

The promotion warrant
"Guns" assists the CO in promoting the newest Ordnance Master Sergeant

Pinning on new chevrons
The Sergeant Major helps the CO promote another meritorious Lance Corporal

The promotion warrant
Issuing a warrant signed by the Aviation Combat Element Commander--and CO of MAG-39

Living conditions for all
All Nightmares share the same luxurious accommodations at CAX

MRE's anyone?
. . . not to mention, the same elegant cuisine!

Back to work!
OK, back to work! We need to change 15's engine

The Hot Nozzle
This was done at CAX quite efficiently

(L-R) Stroker, Boss, Wizard and Zak
Stroker, Boss, Wizard and Zak in a 4-plane sortie on 2 April

Plane Captains with the AMO
Zak ditches the pilots and hangs out with the squadron's REAL heroes

On the flightline at CAX
On the flightline at CAX

Dropping an engine
Zak took this great picture of our Nightmares dropping an engine. This is everyday stuff, but remember, these Marines are barely 20 years old--God bless them!

Swinging the wing

After the engine drop, the wing goes back on
After the engine drop, the wing goes back on 08

Checking the landing gear
Checking the landing gear on 12

Gunny Weasel checks the gear doors for alignment
Gunny W. checks the gear doors for a perfect fit

Looking through the hot nozzle aperature
Looking through the hot nozzle aperature

Loading ordnance for the next mission
Two 500 lbs. high explosive bombs and six 25 lbs. inert bombs = standard loadout

Loading Mark-82 HE
We load the two Mark-82's first

Mark-82 HE fuze installation
Installing the fuze is a somewhat delicate operation...for trainees

A look at the fuze
Tightening the fuze under careful supervision

Even the Sergeant Major likes Ordnance
Even the Sergeant Major likes Ordnance....

Boss and Cow on a CAS mission
Boss and Cow carry eight Mk-76 25 lbs. practice bombs each

Blue Death
Known as "Blue Death" and and "Smurf killers"

Osama's Mama?

View from below
Crossing under

30 minute alert
Nightmare pilots stay sharp on 30 minute alert....

Armed and ready
The jets and bombs wait too

Chief gets an intel debrief
The post-mission intelligence debriefing

Dano and Steroid teach the Young Guns

Demonstrating the Litening II Pod
Steroid demonstrates the Litening II Pod for Wizard

The true meaning of FEAR
A horror greater than that of armed combat!
(Homocide outline is of first person to sit next to Steroid)

Camp Wilson Restrictions
Speaking of horror....

Airframes has the best toys
Girls, Boys and expensive toys leave CAX for home on 16 April

Airframes wagon
If you're not having fun in VMA-513, you're screwing up!

Not Chips, Chunks!
Speaking of fun....